We’re on a Mission

To provide you with sustainable products and spread kindness worldwide.

The United States contributes an estimated 240 million pounds of plastic trash to the ocean every year. Why? Because we buy it. Our goal is to help as many people as we can reduce plastic pollution in our overflowing landfills and oceans by offering eco-friendly alternatives to plastic. We believe that one person can make an impact and together we can make a difference.

A Letter From Our Founder

I wish I could tell you that I’ve always practiced living an eco-friendly and plastic-conscious lifestyle, but I haven’t. In fact, I never actually paid much attention to it. This isn’t because I didn’t care, though; I just wasn’t educated on the matter.

Then, three years ago, I moved to San Diego, CA. Actually, it all started with a 4Ocean ad, so shout out to them. They inspired me to be a part of cleaning up our beaches, and while volunteering for local beach cleanups in my spare time, I found myself thinking about the source of this critical issue, which is us, the consumers. It’s like this, if your home was flooding because you left the bathtub running and forgot about it. What would you do first to solve the problem? Would you start cleaning up all the flooded water on the floor, or would you turn off the faucet?

I believe it is absolutely vital to contribute to these amazing organizations that are out there every day cleaning up our unnecessary mess. I also think it’s vital that we help them as much as we can by turning off the faucet we’re using to dump plastics in the ocean. The only way to do that? Stop buying plastic.

Trying to reduce plastic use in my everyday life was daunting once I realized how much I alone contributed to plastic pollution. It was also extremely time consuming to spend hours researching and finding alternatives that were effective, since most of our stores here in America are stocked full of everything plastic, which makes it the most convenient option. I was overwhelmed at times and discouraged when an alternative product just didn’t work. 

That’s why I decided to start ManaKind, not only to encourage you to stop buying plastic but also to provide you with eco-friendly, sustainable solutions that are shipped to your doorstep every other month to make it as convenient as possible for you. 


I hope you join the Mana Ohana in making a difference.

L. Founder & CEO