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Hi, I’m Ricky, the co-owner of ManaKind! When I was presented with the opportunity to help build this company I was really drawn into the idea of living a sustainable lifestyle. It was a concept that I envisioned myself embodying, but was far from living at the time. Living sustainably, to me, has many dimensions ranging from the food we eat, our exercise routine, the products we use and purchase on a daily basis, and much more. Let’s focus on products we use and purchase because that’s where ManaKind comes into play as of now. Learning to live sustainably in regards to intentionally being a more conscious consumer wasn’t an easy thing for me to learn. I had to take time to research the consequences and impacts of my daily routines and habits. At ManaKind, we design and curate toxic-free and sustainable products for everyday use that help you live a more sustainable lifestyle. We’re on a mission to help as many people as we can lead a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. We hope to be your trusted, reliable, and convenient source for learning how to do that together.
Ricky | Co-owner