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Phone: 707-254-5920

Career Objective
I am an experienced and knowledgeable electrician/construction worker with more than 30 years of experience in the field. I’m seeking to help my son build his dream in starting his own company. I will be in-charge of the build-out, and structural integrity of the container. Additionally, I will make certain that all structural codes and regulations are met at all levels of government to ensure a safe and legal operating structure for business. Once the container is finished, I will be helping run day-to-day operations.

Core Qualifications 

  • Electrical installations and schematics; including solar installations 
  • Extensive construction experience
  • Experience overseeing, training, and scheduling personnel to minimize the time I need to be on-site, and increase business efficiency 
  • Good interpersonal skills; able to interface with clients, project managers, team members, and customers. 

Professional Experience 
Equity Owner & General Manager at All-Bay Builders (May 2021 - Current)

I am responsible for and have learned the following:

  • Electrical installations and schematics; including solar installations 
  • Comply with all safety standards and regulations of the National Electrical Code.
  • Leading day-to-day business operations in fast-paced working environment
  • Hiring, training, and running day-to-day business operations 
  • Analyzing key performance indicators such as sales performance, bids acquired per quarter, and average time to complete projects. 
  • I am the number one person that oversees each project from beginning to end, and ensures the quality of the finished result. 
  • The projects that I oversee constitute 65% of the companies revenue
  • Overseeing customer feedback and using that feedback to train our staff in creating a better customer experience  
  • Assisted electricians with installation and repairs of heaters, boilers, and wiring at both residential and commercial construction sites.
  • Educating customers on how our products and services can benefit them 
  • Create, build, and maintain relationships with those that we have worked with to build word-of-mouth advertising 
  • Schedule creation and closely monitoring available payroll hours to help achieve desired profit and loss statements. 
  • Learned how to lead and communicate with people from all different walks of life. 

Eastern Plumas Health Care, Maintenance Department Manager (February 2012 - June 2018)
I was brought on board to oversee hospital worksites and maintenance. Perform direct installation of wiring and electrical appliances on-site. Communicate closely with hospital executives and team members to identify and resolve issues and convey statuses.

I was responsible for and learned the following:

  • Making sure that the hospital ran smoothly and mitigated all power outages or breakdown of equipment
  • Training new employees
  • Calibrating level, pressure, temperature, and flow measuring systems
  • Electrical installations and schematics
  • Install, repair, and maintain electrical equipment, systems, and devices. We reduced repair costs by 14%
  • Knowledge of state and local electrical codes
  • Maintaining and installing fire alarm systems
  • Repair wiring systems, electrical conduit, and related equipment
  • Replacing defective wiring systems
  • Safety procedures and regulations
Independent Electrical Contractor; (April 2002 - January 2012) 
I was responsible for and learned the following:
  • Developed a comprehensive knowledge of how to implement electrical practices and schematics. 
  • Surveyed electrical systems, circuits, and plans, and communicated with thousands of homeowners about options
  • Performed preventative maintenance on products, materials, and equipment to reduce loss by 7% 
  • Learned to read and interpret blueprints, reducing personal errors by 89%
  • Installing fixtures and electrical components at construction sites
  • Terminating and setting switchgear, panels, and other distribution equipment
  • Laying out and installing wiring circuits
  • National and Local Electrical Codes and Requirements
  • Leading day-to-day business operations in fast-paced working environment
  • Testing and repair of equipment
  • Overseeing and training new or current employees
Leadership Experience 

Coach of Little League baseball,  Middle School basketball, and High School baseball
For more than 20 years, I have dedicated my time, without pay, to coaching and developing young men. Some of my most cherished life moments are from my time coaching. Very few things bring me more joy than helping young boys grow into competent, community serving, respectful young men. My coaching philosophy centered around leading by example, owning your results, and being of service to others. 

Interests & Fun Facts
I was born in Tokyo, and sushi is undoubtedly my favorite food. Nowadays, I enjoy working out, deep sea fishing, and golfing with my kids. My all time favorite movie is Forrest Gump, and my favorite athlete is Joe Montana.