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San Diego, CA 92037
Phone: 530-816-1978


University of California, Davis
Bachelors of Science in Agriculture & Environmental Studies, June 2018 
Work Experience 
Key Leader & Manager at lululemon; San Diego, CA (March 2019 - April 2022)
Leader at a San Diego storefront with annual sales of 1.8 - 3 million dollars
I was responsible for and learned the following:
  • Hiring, training, and running day-to-day business operations 
  • Analyzing key performance indicators such as sales performance, conversion, units sold per transaction, hourly foot-traffic, and average retail sales per customer. 
      • I was the number one sales person at my store which resulted in $70,000 more in revenue than the second highest performer. I constituted 15% of our gross revenue in sales with a staff of 30+ employees
      • During shifts when I was leading, my team and I consistently had higher conversion percentages than the next leading team. We averaged 38.1% conversion while the second best team averaged 36.8%. Company wide conversion average is 35.2% 
  • Lead and operated a new sustainable division of the company called the “Like New” program. This included, but was not limited to, implementing new practices and procedures to minimize the carbon footprint of the company. 
      • During this time, I learned how to target and acquire a new audience (those who enjoy second-hand athletic apparel) via email marketing campaigns and in-person events. 
      • This created approximately 200 new, local customers.  
  • Overseeing customer feedback and using that feedback to train our staff in creating a better customer experience  
  • Recruiting qualified brand ambassadors
  • Educating customers on how our products and services can benefit them 
  • Create, build, and maintain relationships with local health and wellness studios 
  • Creating community events to help raise funds for local charities and communal organizations 
  • Schedule creation and closely monitoring available payroll hours to help achieve desired profit and loss statements. 
  • Inventory management and online order fulfillment 
  • Learned how to lead and communicate with people from all different walks of life. 
  • Offsite admin hours taught me how to hold myself accountable and deliver results when no-one is watching

Co-Owner of ManaKind; San Diego, CA (January 2020 - Present)
I am responsible for the following: 
  • Creating, scheduling, and attending in-person events for sales and marketing opportunities
  • Proactively contacting and creating B2B wholesale opportunities 
  • Customer experience and relations. Making sure our people feel like they are a part of a strong community of people looking to make positive contributions.  
  • Accounting, bookkeeping, and financial statements (balance sheet, P/L, cash flow, break even analysis, and projections). 
  • Cultivating communal and business relationships
  • Creating community beach clean-ups and charity fundraisers 
  • Analyzing and interpreting key performance indicators
  • Researching the latest sustainable practices, materials, and technology to strengthen our standard operating procedures.
  • Researching consumer trends, patterns, and behaviors to understand why people decide to buy our product offering. This helps with the efficiency and effectiveness of our marketing and advertising efforts.  
  • Help guide the future direction of the company
  • Ensure healthy, ethical profit margins and product pricing

Tasting Room Lead, LJ Crafted Wines; La Jolla, CA (February 2019-November 2020) 
LJ Crafted wines is an urban winery and tasting room located in La Jolla, California. They have two main focus points: create an amazing customer experience, and deliver high quality wine using sustainable practices.
I was responsible for and learned the following:
  • Developed a comprehensive knowledge of how to implement sustainable practices and packaging when selling food and beverage. This will be useful when implementing our sustainable cafe practices. 
  • Sales performance and revenue projections
  • Training new and current employees
  • Analyzing customer feedback and implementing new procedures to create better customer experiences 
  • Leading day-to-day business operations in fast-paced working environment
  • Top salesperson seven straight months, and a total of eleven of the twenty months I was employed 
  • Achieved employee of the month multiple times  

Barista & Manager at Starbucks Cafe (May 2013 - August 2017)

I was responsible for and learned the following:
  • Exceptionally focused and industrious cafe worker with a stellar record of guest satisfaction. 
  • Skilled multitasker who thrives in a fast-paced, high-pressure work environment, and can balance multiple customers at once.
  • Knowledge of proper handling, preparation, and pouring of coffee, tea, and other specialty drinks.
  • Manage inventory and product levels by stocking, refilling, rotating, and preparing fresh coffee products and specialty products. This allowed us to meet customer demand and maintain operations.
  • Knowing how to properly maintain, clean, and use cafe equipment including espresso machines, blenders, commercial coffee brewers, and coffee pots.
  • Proper storage of ingredients and supplies to maximize shelf-life. 
  • Hiring, developing, training, and performance evaluation of employees and co-workers.
  • Outstanding knowledge of restaurant health and safety practices. Including food handling certificate. 
  • Educated customers on how to select products that best fit their personal needs. As well as maintaining visually appealing and effective displays for the entire store to increase product awareness, and promote sales
  • Maintained a clean and organized workspace to optimize operations and enable teammates to easily locate resources and products.
  • Reinforced and upheld operational policies and procedures for cash handling, safety, security, and facilities maintenance.

Leadership Experience 

Medical Trip to Nepal – August 2016
I took a medical trip to Nepal after a series of earthquakes left the country devastated in April of 2015. This experience further humbled and granted me the opportunity to acquire cultural competence.
Little League Baseball Coach – June-August 2013 & June-August 2014
I was an assistant coach for children 11-14 years old, and later helped lead them to their first District 48 title in 15 years. Coaching allowed me to utilize my communication and leadership skills. I effectively taught proper techniques and fundamentals about the sport, as well as appropriate behavior on and off the field. My style of coaching is leading by example to show my players the desired level of mannerisms and professionalism needed for them to be successful, model citizens. 
President, Zeta Psi Fraternity – January-December 2017 
While serving as President, I successively gathered enough funds to purchase a 1.2 million dollar home by networking and communicating with our Alumni. My position necessitated managing and maintaining a large budget, and coordinating daily with our National Executive Board. In order to increase efficiency within my chapter, I implemented several amendments and new positions. I oversaw every leadership position and member, which included hosting philanthropic events that enhanced community relations and raised funds for organizations such as the Make a Wish Foundation. This experience gave me the opportunity to work with strong minded people from various backgrounds and beliefs, which allowed me to expand my leadership, interpersonal skills, and ability to adapt and see new perspectives.

UC Davis Pantry – December 2016-June 2017
The UC Davis Pantry is a room located on campus where financially stressed students can obtain free food. I volunteered at the front desk and organized food drives to help stock the pantry shelves. 

Regional Relations
  • Donor and contributor to the following: Unity 4 Orphans, Surf Rider Foundation, Transformation Church, National Veterans Associations, and St. Judes

Interests & Fun Facts
I’m Hapa (Japanese and German) and a lover of all sports. I played baseball at UC Davis until injuries. After my injuries, I remained in school to become a first generation college graduate. I’m currently studying to become fluent in Spanish, my favorite athlete is Kobe Bryant, I love reading, I’ve never been to Disneyland, and my favorite way to workout is HIIT training.